BASSC Instructional Programs

 Autism Program 

In 1995, at the request of its member districts, BASSC developed specialized instructional programs for students on the autism spectrum (including Asperger’s Syndrome), for students who fall in the age-range of pre-k through age 21 years. By design, these programs are located in public school locations (exception: PALS House), who serve as host districts for students who are referred to these programs: Franklin School in Belleville District #118, Grant Middle School District #110, Wolf Branch School District #115, and Pathways. Placement decisions are made by IEP teams and are reviewed annually. Typically, students who are referred to these programs have qualitative impairments in social/communication skills and experience additional difficulties in sensory integration and processing. They require a more specialized program than may be offered in their local school district.

BASSC staff are specially trained in current best practices in the field of autism. Accordingly, they must tailor these strategies to design and implement unique and individualized educational programs for each student. Supplemental aids and services are added when the IEP teams determine it is necessary to support students. Wherever appropriate, students are integrated with non-disabled peers. Accommodations and modifications are developed accordingly. 

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Pathways Program

Several years ago, BASSC developed the Pathways program in order to assist the BASSC member districts in providing specialized learning opportunities for students who have substantial social, emotional and behavior disorders. Students who are typically referred to Pathways have not been successful in a public school setting. For these reasons, Pathways was approved as a “special public day school” by the Illinois State Board of Education. Pathways currently serves students aged 6-21. The Pathways Middle and High School buildings are located adjacent to the BASSC central office. Pathways Elementary School building is located at 100 Andora Dr. in Belleville. Placement decisions to refer students to either of the Pathways programs occur at IEP meetings. Pathways staff are skilled in providing a therapeutic learning environment to support and guide each student’s specialized needs. Staff are trained in delivering current best instructional practices. 

Developmental Disabilities Program 

Since the inception of this program, Freeburg Consolidated School District #70 and Freeburg High School District #77 have served as host districts to this BASSC program. Children from the BASSC member districts who are referred to these classrooms have very unique and complex physical, cognitive and medical needs. Classrooms at both Freeburg locations have been creatively designed to help students such as these be successful in every way possible. BASSC staff are trained to provide individualized combinations of special therapies and instruction to each student. Student’s medical status are also closely monitored with the support and presence of nursing staff.

Important New Information for Families

BASSC / Pathways Welness Program

Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Crisis help: Text HOME to 741741